BusyBee Au Pairs

Looking for an Au Pair Placement With a Host Family?

NEW Office Phone Number: 01992 475085

If you are interested in becoming an Au Pair, then our registration and services to you are free of charge.
We take careful time and consideration when matching you to a family, as it is very important to get the right match and suitability for you and your new host family’s needs.

In exchange for full board and lodging provided by the host family, you will help to care for the children and take on light housework duties and babysitting up to 2 evenings a week. There are now 2 types of au pair available, an Au Pair and an Au Pair PLUS.

You will be given the time to attend an English course each week. We can help you to find the best English course for you.


An Au Pair can work up to 25 hours per week normally spread over 5 days, being 5 hours per day, with 2 full days off each week. Some babysitting in the evening may be required which will be no more than 2 evenings per week inclusive for your payment of pocket money. If more babysitting is required form the family for the evening other than the 2 days then it is up to you to communicate with your family to do this. If you do extra babysitting then the host family will pay you extra.
The weekly guidelines for pocket money working up to 25 hours per week is currently: £75-85 a week.

An Au Pair PLUS can work 35 hours a week normally spread over 5 days, with 2 full days off a week and again 2 evenings per week babysitting in the evening all inclusive of your pocket money. You would be paid more, but then the hours are more.

For any Au Pairs working more than 25 hours a week, the current minimum weekly pocket money guidelines are:

26-29 hours    £80-90 per week
30-34 hours    £85-95 per week
35 hours          £ 95-115 per week

We also provide an excellent Health and Travel insurance for Au Pairs that is very affordable and has many benefits.
Our insurance package is available to everyone and not just Au Pairs registered with our agency.

 Au Pair Meetings

With other member agencies of BAPAA ( British Au Pair Agencies Association ) we organise large group meetings twice a year where all the Au Pairs in the UK can come together for day trips out and to Welcome Arrival Meetings that are in London. Our events are well organised and a great success with everyone.

Here are some videos of our most recent events for Au Pairs:

Agency owners are also on hand at these events to mingle with you all and answer any questions that you may have 🙂