BusyBee Au Pairs

TBG Moneycard – Online Bank Account for Au Pairs

Are you an Au Pair that is would like to have a bank account, but without the hassle of having to open one?

We would like to introduce to you a new way on how you can have a bank account online without the need of opening a bank account. You host family can also use this account to pay your weekly pocket money, quickly and easily by instant bank transfer.


TBG Moneycard is also a payment card which can be used in shops, restaurants, online purchases and at ATMs, and is much safer than carrying cash! This card offers an easy and secure way to pay for anything or to withdraw cash. This clever card offers a wide range of benefits:


•             Accepted everywhere that takes card payments

•             Costs only 15 Euros to obtain – one off fee

•             Au Pairs can be paid directly onto the cards

•             No credit checks

•             Card balance can be checked by SMS

•             Transactions can be viewed online

•             Free to use at retail paypoints

•             Money can be withdrawn anywhere in the world

•             No debt – you can only spend what’s on the card

•             Easy way to monitor expenses


To order your TBG Moneycard, please click here