BusyBee Au Pairs

What is Expected From an Au Pair

To work with BusyBees you do generally need to be aged between 18 and 27 and single. However, if you are living within the European Union it is also acceptable to be older than 27 years to work as an Au Pair or as a Mothers Help in the UK.
It is also essential that you have no dependants and that your reason for travelling to the UK is to live with an English family to learn the English language and also gain experience and understanding about the British way of life and culture.

Your role will include assisting in the care of the children in the home and helping out with housework.
If there are children of school age you may be required to drop off and pick up from school – an aspect of the placement that will be included on the registration form. Duties around the house often include vacuuming, dusting, ironing and the preparation of light meals.

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During your stay, you can expect to be treated as one of the family, whether that is for a short term summer placement or a longer term placement.
We find that families are more often looking for a long term au pair for periods between 9 months to 1 year. Some families will also consider a shorter placement of 6 months too.  During your time in the UK, you can expect to meet new friends during time spent at English classes and settle in as part of your host family.

We can also help you in finding friends through the Au Pair Friends website that is a great site where you can find other Au Pairs in or near to where you are living with your host family.
This website is exclusive to all Au Pairs who come through BusyBee and also other BAPAA agencies. BusyBee are proud to be members of BAPAA – British Au Pair Agencies Association and IAPA – International Au Pairs Association.

It is your responsibility to pay for transport to the UK, but once here you can expect to be greeted by your host family, who will also help you to find a suitable place to study English.
Our team here at Busybee Au Pairs can also assist you in finding language courses.
Some places of study charge, which could be as much as £200 per term – as this payment is your responsibility you may want to talk to your host family about finding affordable courses.

Some host families will pay for the course up front and take repayments from your weekly pocket money; and in placements for more than 12 months, some families have been known to contribute towards the cost of study.
EU residents may be entitled to free classes at an Adult Education Centre – ask your host family if there is one near the family home. Exam fees will need to be paid.

Your weekly allowance, or pocket money will vary depending on whether you are an au pair or an au pair plus. You can expect to receive a minimum of £75 – £85 per week as a normal Au Pair working 25 hours a week.
An Au Pair plus working 35 hours per week will receive a minimum of £95- £115 per week. This amount is regulated by BAPAA standards who work alongside the Government in raising standards.

To register with us and to use our free service for Au Pairs, please complete the Registration Form. You will need to include a recent photo, 2 references, medical record information and a police check. If you need any help with advice on how to find this information, please get in touch, we will be happy to help.