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The journey of an Au Pair

The journey of an Au Pair


From time to time, Au Pair stories crop up in headline news or through chitchat at the school gates when doing the school runs and guess what?
Nine times  out of ten, they are all negative stories about a bad host family or a bad Au Pair.

Never I have yet, been able to read or listen to a great Au Pair story to hit headline news! WHY? No-one is interested in hearing the good stuff and only look for scandal….. pretty sad!

Over the years, we have had some great stories from Au Pairs who have truly had a great unique experience with great host families. Many of these Au Pairs are still in touch with their host families now. Some of them now even have their own children and also have their own Au Pair!

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The journey of being Au Pair is quite transitional though from starting your Au Pair application through to finishing your placement with a host family.
You have decided that you want to be an Au Pair and live abroad for a year in your chosen country, improve on your language skills for that country and enrich in the culture of your chosen country.

Now, the biggest decision is……. ” Do I use an agency or do I go it alone”. Why? You have choices. You can choose a traditional Au Pair agency that helps you from beginning to end, to find a vetted and trusted host family through a partner network agency.

They “dot’s the I’s and crosses the T’s” or, you can use an internet platform to find a host family and hope that the family are fine. After all, they came across lovely from the Skype call.

Any Au Pair or host family must have a huge element of ” trust” right from the word go when matching and to arrival. The Au Pair is all excited, has an arrival date to work to and preparing to leave their hometown and familiar surroundings to start their adventure.
Many of them have a checklist if they are using a traditional agency….

Such as: have you booked insurance? Check!
Have you bought travel plugs? Check!
Have you bought the host family children a small gift from your home town? Check!
Has your family got Skype set-up at home so that you can communicate with them? Check!
Then you arrive to your host family. You are nervous and excited all at once. Your host family meet you at the airport and then you have your car journey to your new home, with your new family.
There are excited host children that want to play, a suitcase to unpack, a new home to learn your way around and a new routine to digest.
You will also have some celebratory arrival dinner too within the first couple of days. Life is busy and all seems good – the honeymoon phase.
Then homesickness kicks in. You miss your family, you miss your home, your friends and suddenly you feel alone.

Nearly every Au Pair will overcome their homesickness. The best ways are, to communicate with your new host family. Stay in touch with your family back home and stay busy!
Embrace your new family life, find your language school for your lessons, use the resources given to you by the agency to find other Au Pair Friends and communicate with them.
These are your soft skills. We all have them, use them.
Start a daily or weekly blog and plan ahead for sightseeing in your new host country. Remember, you also wanted to experience your new country’s culture! Contact your local agency representative and arrange to meet up with them. Your new Au Pair friends – arrange to meet with them for coffee or go to the cinema.

You are allowed to feel sad, you are also allowed to enjoy yourself. Don’t hide yourself away in your room in free time. Think positive. Your family back home want to hear your great stories on how you made a new friend today. Or how great your first language lesson was today.
Or, that one of your host children that you are caring for drew you a lovely picture.
Or even that the host family dog made your laugh drooling sat next you when you were eating a biscuit!!  🙂

Being an Au Pair and living the Au Pair life can definitely give you the potential of a new vision. You will gain a new life experience and lots of you who are in between studies and on a gap year will realise what you want out of life and then go on to follow your career ideas. You will also have friends for life from your Au Pair adventure!

As an agency, all the Busybee team would like to hear from you with your great stories of adventure. We also want to hear from you if you just need someone to talk to.

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MBE for Au Pair Champion for 2017 Honours

Au Pair Champion receives MBE in 2017 Honours

BAPAA ( The British Au Pair Agencies Association ) proudly launched a press release on the 30th December 2016 as the former Chair and co-founder of BAPAA was announced in the 2017 Honours List for an MBE…. Congratulations to Sandra Landau 🙂

This is such an achievement for Sandra and for the British Au Pair Industry. Having worked along side Sandra over the years in BAPAA this is a very well deserved award.
This award and it’s recognition should also be a huge boost to the Au Pair Industry.  The Au Pair program in the UK is unre

During the transition of BREXIT, it is so important that, the British Government do not forget about Au Pairs and the cultural exchange program.
Many host families depend on Au Pairs for their childcare needs on a daily basis.
The UK will still need the Au Pair program and will want to welcome Au Pairs.

Here is the press release from the 30th December 2016:



Cookery Classes for Au Pairs and Nannies

Cookery Skills for Au-Pairs and Nannies

23rd September 2016

I would like to introduce you to a new cookery skills course that is tailored specifically for au-pairs and nannies. The course of 5 lessons will teach the skills necessary to cook a range of balanced and nutritious meals for children (and their families). 

Let Jane ease the worries of working parents who rely on support of au-pairs / nannies to cook meals for their children. In fact, we have found that very often the au-pairs and nannies have never really cooked before.

Details of the next course:

Start date: 1st lesson on the 14th September 2016 and thereafter on the 4 following Wednesdays

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Location: SE13

Cost: £100 per person

Courses are limited to 8 students so please reserve early by contacting me – details below.


About me:

I have been a chef all my working life. I now run a catering business and teach healthy eating classes to primary school children. I have a clear understanding of what children like as well as what parents would like their children to eat.

Jane Noraika

Mobile: 07939 981 855

Email: janoraika.food@virgin.net

Web: www.foodbyjane.rocks

Au Pair Cooking

Au Pair Cooking by Catherine Bacon

12th September 2016


We have been contacted by a #british #aupair who is currently Aupairing in Australia about her Au Pair Cooking blog. We are so impressed with this and would like to share with all the Au Pairs that are currently here in the #UK

Thank you Catherine, this is great! Well done!

Please take the time to read Catherine’s story 🙂


My name is Catherine Bacon, please could you take the time to have a look at my Au Pair Family Kitchen blog:

Catherine Bacon




Insta: aupairfamilykitchen

facebook: aupairfamilykitchen


I have put together this page to help au pairs like my self around the world. Showing easy, quick and healthy recipes that children love.


I have shown it to local friends who all struggle with preparing meals.

Especially first time au pairs, who are never quite sure what to expect, or if they have to cook in general.


I’m a 23 year old British graduate, grew up travelling the world. I am currently an au pair in Manly, Sydney Australia, since Dec 2015. Absolutely loving the job. While working with my host family and cooking for three boys, parents and myself, I am always having to come up with different ideas for big meals to suite the children and us adults.


It’s a great opportunity for the children to experience meals from around the world, it’s also a great start to build an au pairs confidence in the kitchen. Coming up with my own recipes, I am also including meals from different au pairs because it’s great to find out what other children are into and to be shown original and cultural recipes from around the world.


If you would like to know more about myself and my blog, please let me know. I would love to give advise and help au pairs. I would be considerably grateful if you could share my website and have the time to give me any feedback.


Kindest Regards


Catherine Bacon


This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Busy Bee Au Pairs (http://www.busybeeaupairs.co.uk)

EU Referendum – Business as usual

EU Referendum – Business as usual

24th June 2016


We do not believe that the UK vote to leave the EU will affect Au Pairs for the foreseeable future and feel very positive that European Au Pairs will be welcomed in the UK for many years to come.

Many of you have made contact to us today by phone and email.  Please stay calm, do not panic and continue as usual.


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