BusyBee Au Pairs

Car Insurance for Au Pairs

Trying to find car insurance for Au Pairs can be a stressful task for any host family.

Many insurers have only offered to insure Au Pairs that are ages 25+
There are many Au Pairs aged 19 years of age who have been driving for 2 years and are competent drivers.

Over the years, many host families have asked many times, “Who would be the best insurance companies to use?”
The British Au Pair Agencies Association (BAPAA) decided to seek a niche scheme.

BusyBee with BAPAA have teamed up with a specialist Insurance Broker. Stoneshield  has developed a car insurance policy with host families in mind.
Their aim is to provide competitive car insurance solutions.
To obtain get a quote, please click here: https://www.stoneshieldservices.co.uk/?utm_source=agencyI010&utm_medium=Agency&utm_campaign=ssagencylinks


Disclaimer: We do not advise on or make any recommendations in respect of any insurance products. If you are unsure in any way then as to whether a particular insurance product is suitable for you or not, then you should seek independent financial advice.


Au Pairs and driving in the UK

Before any Au Pair drives in the UK it is essential to arrange car insurance to cover the Au Pair.
They must be a named driver on the car insurance policy.

BusyBee and BAPAA do recommend to every host family that some driving lessons are provided for the Au Pair. This is to allow the Au Pair to adjust to driving in UK conditions.

A copy of the Highway Code can be obtained here: https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code-road-safety

It may be useful for the host family to provide a copy of the Highway Code to the Au Pair to read through before he/she arrives to the UK.

There are new driving laws for 2017 that are now inforce which will apply to every driver here in the UK. Please read here: https://theorytestpro.co.uk/blog/uncovered-new-driving-laws-2017/


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