Looking for a Housekeeper or Companion-Carer


Finding a Housekeeper or Companion Carer

We can provide, upon request with registration, source for you European Housekeepers and Companion Carers. Both of these applicants are willing to work 40 – 48 hours per week. They will live with you and will need to be given their own bedroom with full board and lodging.


Housekeepers will do nearly all household cleaning duties and some childcare. The childcare element is especially useful if you have teenage children but do still require an adult to be around for supervisory purposes. There are no age restrictions for Housekeepers and they will endure the same vetting processes as that of an Au Pair or Mothers Help.

You will provide to the Housekeeper a clear, written routine of duties and expectations and give them full support, training and guidance of help them settle and adjust into their new role. It is also important to integrate them fully within your family environment like a family member, as they will be an important part of your daily life.
Weekly payments to a live-in Housekeeper would start at £200.00+ per week. They should also be given 2 full days off each week..

Please do contact us for further information, or complete our registration form and we will contact you to discuss your needs further..

Companion Carers

Companion Carers will be willing to spend their time to be with the elderly. They will assist in every day requirements such as; housework duties, simple food shopping, cooking, assisting at mealtimes and assistance with more personal needs. Companion Carers are not qualified carers and cannot be expected to assist in administering with any medical requirements.

They should also receive 2 full days off per week and should be paid a minimum of £200.00+ per week. Full support training and guidance with routines and physical demonstrations should be given to them in the early stages of their placement.

Companion Carers will live-in and should also be given their full board and lodging.

To find a fully vetted Housekeeper or Companion Carer, register today.