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British nannies enjoy a high reputation in the U.K. and throughout the world. Equally nannies from other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe/Eastern Europe are very knowledgeable. Our English nannies hold either a British Diploma in childcare and/or are experienced; some also hold similar qualification from their home countries.

Full Time Nannies

A professional nanny is capable of sole charge of a child and promotes a happy, loving and stimulating environment. Her nursery duties include caring for the child’s meals and keeping his or her room clean and tidy.

A full-time nanny works between 10 – 12 hours per day and has two days off per week as well as four weeks paid holiday plus Bank holidays. Babysitting and extra hours are by prior arrangement between an employer and an employee.

If a nanny is to live-in the house, then she should be given her own bedroom and ideally a bathroom as well. Remember that when a live in nanny has finished work she may wish to spend long periods of time in the privacy of the accommodation provided, so it should be made comfortable. Live in nannies are happy to travel with the family.

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Part Time Nannies

A part time nanny typically works for a minimum of 20 hours per week up to 35-40 hours per week earning from £8 to £15 net per hour depending on her qualifications, experience and duties. Part time nannies mostly work as daily nannies only.

Salaries for nannies vary from:

  • Live-In £300 – £350 net per week
  • Daily £400 – £450 net per week
  • This is based on a five day (10-12 hours per day) working week in the U.K and acts as guideline only.

Overseas salaries vary depending on location and conditions.

Part-time £9.50 – £15 net per hour If you do not have the space or do not wish to have someone else living in your house, then choose a daily nanny. Most nannies prefer to work as daily nannies as it gives them greater independence.
In addition to full-time nannies, a temporary nanny can offer an ideal solution for families wishing to have more flexibility.

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