Finding an Au Pair or Mother's Help

We will, through our personal selective matching service, help you to choose the most suitable Au Pair or Mother's Help for you and your family.

Our matching service is conducted based on your registration information and also from our discussions with you by listening to your real needs and requirements you expect from live-in support with childcare and domestic duties within your home. This essential information is the first step in finding a suitable applicant.

Au Pairs are usually aged between 18-27 from within the EU. There is no age restriction on EU nationals and so we do also find that we have older applicants also wanting to be Au Pairs on this Cultural Exchange Program. An Au Pair will want to improve their English level and understand and embrace British Culture.

An Au Pair can stay with a host family for 6 months to 2 years, which does give you great continuity and you can build a rewarding good relationship within your home for children. Shorter placements are also arranged to cover the Summer Holidays as a Childcare solution.

Some Au Pairs can drive for the host family. We do encourage and recommend that you do allow them to have some practice lessons first to adjust to UK driving.


Au Pair

An Au Pair can work up to 30 hours per week which includes any evening babysitting required Any babysitting or hours required outside of the 30 hours must be paid at minimum hourly rate of £4 per hour. Many families do pay more than this.
They must also have 2 full free days off for their rest days.
You can choose as the Host Family how the hours are spread out to suit your needs and requirements. We can help you to establish a routine that works best for your family.

The minimum weekly pocket money allowance for up to and including 25 hours per week is a minimum £80 per week and a minimum of £90 per week for 30 hours.
Most Au Pairs are happy to work extra hours per week if the weekly schedule with your family still allows them to attend a language course weekly for their English.
Any babysitting required of the host family from the Au Pair must be included in the weekly hours.

Any hours required outside of the scheduled hours, must be paid at a rate of £4 per hour.

Contribution to language school for English lessons is strongly recommended along with the recommendation of a completion bonus if the agreed length of stay is completed.


An Au Pair:


  • Should not be expected to have sole charge of a child below the age of 2 years.
  • Can be expected to do childcare and light housework duties such as; vacuuming, dusting, meal preparation and simple cooking, children’s laundry/ironing – please ask us for more information in regards to this, especially of you may need more support in housework.
  • Should be allowed the time to attend an English course. The usual lessons are twice a week for approximately 2-2.5 hours per session. It is expected that Host Families do also contribute to the cost and if living in a rural area, help contribute to travel costs.
  • Is not qualified in Childcare but will have had some experience in babysitting.

A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required to be given by the Host family or Au Pair should there be a change in circumstances.

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Mother’s Help

A Mothers Help is an individual who is usually a little older than Au Pair. They are willing to work longer hours than the 30 hours per week and are willing to take on more duties in childcare and housekeeping. Usual weekly hours would be 40 – 48 hours per week. They will still need to have 2 full days off a week.
Even though a Mothers Help does live in with you similar to an Au Pair, this is more of a work program rather than a cultural exchange program for Au Pairs.